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Better Sex Video Series – Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasms

Better Sex Video Series – Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasms

Better Sex Video Series – Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasms


Learn the Tantric secrets of sacred sex. Discover an art of loving that will forever transform your lovemaking into a truly intimate, fulfilling, spiritual experience.

Based on the ancient Tantric belief that the hidden potency of sexual loving is the seed of all creativity and transcendence, this Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasms program teaches you how to awaken your own natural sexual energy and experience a deeper level of intimacy and connection with your love partner.

Beautifully filmed with visual yet sensitively tasteful nudity, you’ll see six engaging real-life couples who share and demonstrate Tantric methods adapted for Western lovers in sacred sex lovemaking.

In Tantric Steps to Prolonged OrgasmsExplore over twenty techniques to enhance pleasure and deepen intimacy including:

  • Sexual breathing and movement;
  • Guided imagery;
  • Erotic touch;
  • Sexual dialogue;
  • Self-pleasuring;
  • Expanding orgasm and positions for ecstatic lovemaking.

Tantric Secrets of Sacred Sex shows you and your lover how to:

  • Open to trust and awaken the five senses;
  • Learn how to expand pleasure and arousal to the whole body;
  • Achieve multiple and prolonged orgasm for men and women; and,
  • Transform sexual loving into a deeply profound and ecstatic experience.


More Passion, Sensual Play & Touch

Originally conceived of as Partner Play, this unique program provides couples with a variety of simple, fun tools with which to build greater intimacy and connection.

Featuring a flowing series of non-sexual, tactile and sensual techniques, this playful, loving routine is beneficial for all levels of yoga fans, including beginners.

Section One provides instruction, a guided romantic sequence and an unguided romantic sequence.

Section Two provides a special erotic Tantric sequence and an unguided erotic sequence. This section contains nudity and is appropriate for adult viewers — over 18 years of age.

Once you have learned the routine, you can follow along with the unguided sequences, flowing with the movements and the romantic music….as preparation for lovemaking.

Originally designed as two separate programs, selling for $29.95 each, this special edition DVD offers two programs for the price of one.


Simple Tantra for Couples

This highly Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasmss program presents simple, powerful ways for couples to create deep feelings of love and ecstasy in their relationships. Renowned sex educators present important subjects, and then introduce attractive couples who sensually demonstrate invaluable techniques for enhancing love and passion.

Entertaining and highly informative, this Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasms program is suitable for all couples, from new lovers to partners who have been married many years. Viewing this Tantric Steps to Prolonged Orgasms program will assist in opening the door to extraordinary love and sexual pleasure.

  • Add more excitement, romance and variety to your relationship;
  • Communicate effectively about sex and other difficult subjects;
  • Use modern-day Tantra and Taoist sexual techniques to experience more ecstasy and connection with your partner; and,
  • Use Tantra and other little known sexual skills to make your lovemaking more intense, fun and longer lasting!

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