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PESI – EMDR Step-By-Step

PESI – EMDR Step-By-Step

PESI – EMDR Step-By-Step

Description of EMDR Step-By-Step

The EMDR Course that can Transform Your Practice

Walk the path to trauma resolution — step by step.

In addition to improved practice outcomes, effective integration of EMDR can lead to the long-term trauma resolution that your clients so desperately desire.

Here is your invitation to transform your work with trauma clients…

EMDR Step-by-Step is a comprehensive course with recognized trauma specialist, veteran clinician, sought-after national trainer and best-selling author on trauma, Linda Curran, that will provide you with practical strategies for effective implementation of EMDR into your practice.

You’ll see HOW to turn theory into practice.

Linda’s training focuses on the development of clinical assessment skills with regard to client safety and stabilization — specifically for therapists who want to process traumatic material using EMDR, the groundbreaking treatment method used by leading innovators such as Bessel van der Kolk, MD and more.

Through in-session demonstration, instructive commentary, and expert guidance and support, you’ll learn to safely and effectively utilize EMDR for traumatic stress treatment.

Imagine the relief your clients will experience with this effective, break-through treatment.

Imagine the satisfaction you’ll feel knowing that your clients’ outcomes stem from effective EMDR training, skill development, and practice.

Imagine the confidence you’ll have when treating even your most challenging clients.

It’s time to begin the journey… and this EMDR course is your first step.

What you’ll learn in PESI – EMDR Step-By-Step

Module 1: Client Readiness & Imaginal Resources

In this module, Linda will help you develop skills for client safety and stabilization, ensuring your clients have the support and skills necessary for EMDR. Through in-session demonstrations, you’ll see how to guide clients imaginal resource development.

  • EMDR client readiness including checklists and demonstrations
  • Creating client-driven imagery for the development of internal resources
  • Client demonstrations of “Tapping In” imaginal resources

Module 2 : Standard and Modified Protocol

Understand the differences between the original 8-phase EMDR protocol, and the clinically-based modified EMDR protocol. Linda will provide insight on the necessity for clinical modifications when using the standard protocol’s “script”. With an understanding of the four essential elements of EMDR modified protocol, you’ll learn how to modify intelligently.

  • Original 8-Phase EMDR Protocol, Modified EMDR Protocol, and the differences
  • In-depth client demonstrations using both protocols

Module 3: Additional Client Demonstrations

See the modified protocol in action again, along with a client demonstration using the future template.

  • Additional modified protocol client demonstration
  • Demonstration of the future template
  • Additional resource suggestions

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