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Rich Litvin – The High-Performing, High-Performance Coach

Rich Litvin – The High-Performing, High-Performance Coach

Rich Litvin – The High-Performing, High-Performance Coach

Description of The High-Performing, High-Performance Coach

Discover How To Clear Your Success Blocks, Create Dream Clients On Demand & Make An Even Bigger Impact In This World… Simply By Being You And Being Of Service

A 4-Pillar Plan To Building A Highly Profitable & Prosperous Coaching Practice In A Better, More Powerful & More Efficient Way

Dear coach,

What if I told you today that there was a new, powerful and more efficient way to build a highly prosperous coaching practice — a way that only consists of four simple pillars?

What if I told you that you can forget about the 21-step formulas and the 12-month success blueprints… because all you need to create the business and lifestyle you crave are these four key elements?

And what if those four cornerstones of a thriving coaching practice were accessible to you right here, right now?

Would you feel relieved? Excited? Curious to find out what they are?

I bet!

I’ll tell you about the four cornerstones of high-performance in just a second…. but let me ask you first:

Have you ever…

  • Felt frustrated because your own fears, blocks or stories are holding you back from creating the epic business and lifestyle you crave? (I’m talking six-figure incomes and more, as well as personal freedom and a deep sense of fulfillment.)
  • Struggled to get clients and constantly “attracted” the wrong ones who can’t pay what you’re worth, or disappear after your first discovery session? (Hint: Then it’s time that you quit “attracting” clients and start creating them instead… Keep reading to find out how!)
  • Felt small and insignificant because you secretly know that you could be making a much bigger impact, serving way more people and transforming more lives… but you just don’t know what the heck you’re doing wrong?
  • Doubted yourself as a businessperson because even though you’re living your purpose, your income and lifestyle do not reflect your hard work at all?
  • Wondered why other coaches can charge hundreds of thousands of dollars and have clients on the waiting list who are eager to pay… while you’re still working yourself to the bone — undercharging and over-delivering?
  • Felt like a fraud because you’re brilliant at creating breakthroughs for your clients, but feel stuck or powerless when it comes to creating the same results for yourself?
  • If you answered yes to any of those questions, then it’s no coincidence that you’re here.

Whether you’re just starting out as a coach, trying to find your first paying clients or you’ve been in the industry for many years… there’s always a point in your business when you feel like you hit a plateau…

  • Maybe you’re giving marketing, social media and Facebook ads your best shot, but only end up attracting a handful of clients, making a buck here and a buck there — without ever being in control of your monthly income.
  • Maybe you’re attracting a lot of clients, but then they’re only willing to pay half of what you’re worth, argue about your prices, are not fully committed to the process or demand much more attention than what they’ve paid you for in the first place.
  • Or maybe your business is “good,” but deep down inside you know that you’re stuck in your comfort zone and capable of making a much bigger impact, serving way more people, transforming more lives… and you’re finally ready to play big and unleash that dormant potential.

Now you can download Rich Litvin’s The High-Performing, High-Performance Coach immediately!

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