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Niraj Naik – Mastering The Power Of Breath

Niraj Naik – Mastering The Power Of Breath

Niraj Naik – Mastering The Power Of Breath

The Mastering The Power Of Breath Journey guides you through an easy-to-follow 33-day curriculum. Each of these days focuses on a key phase in elevating your subconscious operating system and even your autonomic nervous system so you can heal faster, manifest smarter and awaken to your true self.

Under the hood, this Journey takes you through the best of Niraj Naik’s Rolodex of spiritual tools—breathwork, brain-training, affirmations, guided mental imagery techniques, and self-hypnosis—all that he personally used to self-heal a chronic illness and also manifest an incredible ever-growing life training instructors and students on a global scale.

What you’ll learn in Mastering The Power Of Breath

This Is How The “Mastering The Power Of Breath” 33-Day Program Is Structured So You Get Fast, Lasting Results In The Shortest Time Possible

Module 1: Initiating The Power Of Breathwork

In this module, after a quick introduction and back story, you’ll discover the first few protocols for using Breathwork to accelerate your results—from conquering your fears to setting powerful intentions. This gives you immediate tools that you could start practicing with. And then you’ll get a big picture of what you’ll experience in the rest of the modules.

Module 2: Reprogramming Your Subconscious Mind

Welcome to the deep world of your subconscious mind. Here you’ll learn how to “load” your breath with intentions and make breathwork a complete lifestyle system. You’ll learn how to use both your waking and sleep state—the whole 24 hrs in a day—to accelerate your breathwork results. You’ll also learn deep release techniques to restore your mind.

Module 3: Layers of Energetic Circuits

In this module you’ll start working with your energy. First you’ll learn to work with the various energetic circuits in your body. Then you’ll use breathwork to empower the weak links in your energetic circuits. Then you’ll learn how to enter the phase 1 of awakening with full empowerment.

Module 4: Embodying Conscious Breathing

You’ll be entering the “intense” stage of the journey with module 3. You’ll learn various breathwork protocols for controlling different chemicals in your body—from oxygen levels in your organs to red blood cells to the ATP in the mitochondria of your cells. And then when you’re about to finish, you’ll go a step further to activate your stem cells using a bunch of hypoxic protocols.

Module 5: Breathing Into Your Ideal Reality

This is the part where things get really interesting. You’ll learn how to put all of the techniques together and start manifesting your ideal reality. But, knowing you’ll get excited, you’ll also get specific protocols to tap into your sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system to remain calm. You’ll learn how to maintain heart coherence while holding on to the vision of your ideal reality.

Module 6: Optimizing Your Life Force Energy

Life force energy forms the basis of the very reality we live in. All healing and manifestations won’t have much effect if the life force energy is not aligned. That’s what you’ll learn to do in this module. Plus, you’ll also learn how to transmute your sexual energy into life force energy.

Module 7: Activating Your Inner Avatar

One of the very persistent energies in your energy field is that of your inner avatar. Even after turning your reality around on the outside, this inner avatar can stand in crossways. That’s why this entire module is dedicated to identify, transform and embody your inner avatar.

Module 8: Chanting Into Creation

Starting with this module, you’ll ease into creation. First of the methods you’ll learn is how to combine chanting with breathwork and how to enable seamless manifestation. As part of the easing process, you’ll also learn how to control your vagus nerve system.

Module 9: Transmuting Your Fears

As you enter the final stages of the phase 2 of awakening, more deeper fears will come into play. In this module, you’ll be transmuting those with the “suspension of breath” breathwork practices that’ll clear any feelings of fear in your energy field. You’ll do this for both rational and irrational fears in your system.

Module 10: Activating Your Light Body

By now, you will have mastered the first two phases of awakening with breathwork. In this module, you’ll enter phase three and the higher spiritual dimensions and activate the different hidden and dormant centers which are linked to those dimensions. You’ll learn how to activate certain cell functions and get the various glands to generate hormones and also activate the third eye.

Module 11: Awaken The Soma Within

According to the ancient Hindu and Zoroastrian legends, Soma is the mysterious substance that grants immortality to the soul. Although no records exist as to what this substance is, you can, at this stage of your awakening, feel the soma within you—a persistent feeling that you’re not just a human being but part of an infinitely vast immortal spirit. You’ll learn how to connect with this unnamable essence of all that is.

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