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Paul Janka – Seduction Materials Collection (Deluxe Bundle)

Paul Janka – Seduction Materials Collection (Deluxe Bundle)

Paul Janka – Seduction Materials Collection (Deluxe Bundle)

I believe this program is the most effective, practical, useful dating advice that a guy can get his hands on. If you want to see real, tangible results with women, this is how to get it.

Seduction Materials Collection is a complete A-to-Z pick-up education.

It’s all delivered through my exclusive streaming video membership site and it contains all of my popular guides, audio lessons, in-field footage, and seminar videos.

You’ll get CONSISTENT “panty-dropping” results because it’s virtually FOOL-PROOF.

LISTEN: I GUARANTEE these techniques will work for you because they’ve worked for thousands of guys all around the world—of all ages, races, and personalities.

So if you’re not good with women, Seduction Materials Collection will make you better. And if you’re already decent, these secrets will break your bed in HALF.

You’ll be getting SO much action, your buddies will start begging YOU for tips…

Take A Look At What’s Inside Seduction Materials Collection:

#1: My “Foundations” Manual – Attraction Formula (88 Pages)

Is extremely powerful reading, not just because of the techniques revealed, but because of the perspective you’ll gain. After you’ve gone through the book just once, you’ll be well on your way to becoming the kind of man who has outrageous success with women…

#2: Secrets To Successful Approaching (28 Audio Classes)

After you read the book, I recommend you dive into this audio program. It’s all about developing the skills necessary to meet women in a variety of day to day situations. You’ll learn EXACTLY what to say to make a strong impression and get her number.

#3: Videos Of Actual Street Pick-Ups (24 HD In-Field Videos)

Then you’re going to get actual footage of me picking up women on the street! And when you watch these videos, my confidence will literally be passed on to you. You’ll see exactly how I approach, get her attention, make small talk, and secure the digits.

#4: “Beyond The Digits” Advanced Workshop (39 HD Seminar Videos)

This workshop contains the nitty-gritty little secrets that will allow you to get better, even faster. Everything will become clearer; you’ll understand why and how to use my system so that you can archive what I did, probably even faster… leading you to mastery.

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