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The Silva Method – Silva Intuition System

The Silva Method – Silva Intuition System

The Silva Method – Silva Intuition System

The Silva Intuition System Seminar is regularly scheduled with Ken Coscia in Chicago, and Connecticut. It is day 3 and 4 of the 4-Day Immersion Experience.

Seating is limited in each location to the first 24 to register so that you get undivided attention. So Act Now, Make the Time, Select a Date from the Schedule and the Process begins.


1. Learn Dynamic Meditation

First, we train you to reach your Alpha Level of Mind. This is a deep level of consciousness that people achieve during meditation. The Alpha level is associated with intuition and ESP.

2. Develop Your Abilities of Self-Healing and Focused Intuition

Once you learn to meditate we teach you to tap into your Intuition.

You will experience undeniable evidence of your own Intuition by Day 4. This is an incredibly powerful and emotional moment for many of our graduates.

You will be given names and locations of random people unknown to you and you will receive information on them and their state of health through intuition.

You will then be trained to use distant healing to help these people accelerate their rate of recovery. (Distant healing according to many studies has been proven to be a possibility in the last decade).

We guarantee you will experience this or you can get your money back. You be the judge.

You will learn to use this ability to make important decisions in life.

Are you in the right job? Are you with the right person? Should you make a career move?

Imagine having an intuition that can always help you make the right decision and point you towards your mission in life.

Imagine having an intuition that knows what lies ahead, and has the ability to lead you to success, happiness, and fulfillment.

3. Use Your Mind to Create Positive Coincidences

Once you discover or re-affirm your mission in life and get on the right path we will teach you powerful visualization techniques to solve any kind of problem you may face in life that keeps you from this mission.

  • Graduates have reported being able to accelerate healing and amaze their doctors.
  • Salesmen have reported a dramatic increase in their commissions.
  • Others have reported meeting their soul mates or being able to strengthen troubled relationships.
  • Many more have reported being able to achieve dreams and goals with surprising ease. (Many of these stories are detailed in our testimonials section).

The Silva Method – Silva Intuition System

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