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Judy Satori – Feel Better Fast

Judy Satori – Feel Better Fast

Judy Satori – Feel Better Fast

Ask yourself these questions…

  • Do you frequently wake up in the morning still feeling tired?
  • Are you affected by other people’s energy, or even feel you are under some form of psychic attack?
  • Are you worried about your health and about how to keep going in your day to day life?
  • Do you wish you could feel younger and fitter, with more stamina and energy?
  • Do you worry about getting older and about how you will cope physically? Does your body ache and feel somehow disconnected from YOU?

Feel Better Fast is Light Language energy transmissions to regenerate, revitalize and restore the physical body. It is a compilation of six sequences of Light Language sound and light energy from Spirit connected together as one easy to use 26 minute audio track.

I have now integrated Feel Better Fast into my morning routine and feel my old energy and stamina returning.

This audio track is the best of the best of the regeneration Light Language tracks that Spirit has ever gifted me with. They say that there is more regeneration work ahead, but for now this is what is needed. This is why

I use it myself and want to offer it to you.

Listening to this audio track has become the most important part of my daily routine. I switch it on as soon as I open my eyes and just allow the energy to wash over me and through me as I gradually wake up to begin the day. You can of course use the audio whenever you wish. It will also help you relax at night before sleep. I find the difference between how I feel before and how I feel after listening quite remarkable.

I know from my years of doing this energy work that the effects are cumulative as the energy builds a pulse rhythm of sustained improvement.

Feel Better Fast comes as one zip file, but two audio tracks. Track one is an introduction in which I explain all about the energy tracks and how to use them and them and track two is the actual energy transmissions.

Listen daily for best results. You can also use the Tuning the Physical Instrument, also available from online shopping, to increase the results and benefits of Feel Better Fast. Tuning the Physical Instrument is available as a CD or as an MP3 download. It ‘tunes’ all the organs and systems of the physical body back into harmony and balance. It is very relaxing. In fact I usually go to sleep while listening, so is best listened to at night. It is a 30 minute audio.

I also suggest you combine Feel Better Fast with the MP3 Cutting the Cords download. You will benefit from both Mp3 downloads if you lie down while listening. Relax and let the energy wash over you and through you.

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