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Josh Lubens – Love Activation System

Josh Lubens – Love Activation System

Josh Lubens – Love Activation System

This Script Holds The Key To Making Girl After Girl Fall In Love With You…

Here’s What The Prince Charming Script Does To Girls…

  • Every little girl’s bombarded with stories like Cinderella, Snow White, and Sleeping Beauty.
  • These stories program the Prince Charming Script deep into her Love Mechanism.
  • The Love Mechanism is the part of the brain scientists call the “Romantic Hotspot” or the “nucleus accumbens.”
  • It’s the same part of the brain that makes people addicted to crack cocaine.
  • And it’s what makes girls obsess over and fall in love with a man. A man who may be you.

It produces dopamine. A chemical that makes us feel good – really good. Once the Prince Charming Script is coded into her Love Mechanism, every time she thinks about it, she gets a nice, mini hit of dopamine.

That’s why every girl you’ve ever met has run through countless ways the Prince Charming Script will play out.

  • She’s endlessly fantasized about The One.
  • She’s pictured what he’ll look like.
  • She’s imagined where she’ll meet him.
  • She’s thought about the things they’ll share in common.
  • And she’s planned out the places they’ll travel together.
  • She’s fantasized again and again about the first thing he’ll say to her.
  • About the first kiss he’ll give her.
  • And about the first time he’ll make love to her.

She obsessively wants to see the Prince Charming Script in movies.

Read about it in books. Each time she does, she gets more dopamine. More good feelings. Most of all, she wants to experience it firsthand. She Wants Her Own Personal Prince Charming… Because that will give her the atom bomb of dopamine hits.

Let me know if you are interested, thanks!

Now you can download Josh Lubens’s Love Activation System immediately!

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