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Kim Anami – Vaginal Kung Fu Video Series

Kim Anami – Vaginal Kung Fu Video Series

Kim Anami – Vaginal Kung Fu Video Series

Vaginal Kung Fu Video Series: An 8-week Virtual Salon to Strengthen and Tone the Vagina and Turbo-Charge Your Orgasms

SALON 1: Love Yourself

  • Foundational practices for harnessing sexual energy
  • Open to the healing and energizing potential of your vagina

SALON 2: Create Yourself

  • Why orgasms are your infinite power source and how to use them to their maximum potential

SALON 3: Rejuvenate Yourself

  • How to shift menstruation and menopause to be energizing and rejuvenating instead of exhausting

SALON 4: Your Breast Self

  • How to make your breasts more sensitive and orgasmic

SALON 5: Heal Yourself

  • How to get rid of any genital numbness, shame or discomfort so you can enjoy pleasure more deeply, alone or with a partner

SALON 6: Empower Yourself

  • The secret few people know about how to use your feminine and sexual power to amplify your life’s work


  • Weekly guided jade egg/vaginal strengthening practice
  • Guided meditations to heal and reconnect with your sexual and vaginal power and pleasure
  • Weekly core strengthening exercises


  • Your Vaginal Kung Fu Kit: jade egg, silk carry pouch and rose quartz lifting stones
  • Ejaculation 101
  • Orgasmic Birth
  • Sex Position Prescriptions
  • Jing it Up!

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