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Steve Cotter – The Way of The Kettlebell

The Way of The Kettlebell

Steve Cotter – The Way of The Kettlebell

Learn how to keep fit, stay active and experience a full body workout at home — with just a kettlebell

What You’ll Learn in The Way of The Kettlebell

  1. Get Fit Fast
    Discover a full-body routine you can perform in less than 30 minutes. Be set on a path of a lifetime of sustainable fitness.
  2. Perform Like An Athlete
    Have the energy and the stamina to go the extra mile in your career and also at home.
  3. Rapidly Increase Your Mobility
    Develop healthier joints. Enjoy the activities you love free of chronic aches and pains.
  4. Gain Muscle and Build Strength
    Craft a robust body that moves the way nature intended.
  5. Live Longer
    Have the vitality you always wanted and start feeling and moving far younger than your actual age.
  6. Be Healthy
    Kettlebell training doesn’t just train your body. It also trains your breathing and your mind. Stay sharp in both mind and body.

The Way of The Kettlebell Curriculum

You will learn how to create a kettlebell routine that you can bring into your life in just a few minutes a week. The Warm Up episode starts with a training on the principles and basics of Kettlebells. Following this you learn Joint Mobility Routines. This is something we recommend you do every day as a warm up to keep you safe from injury.

By Day 2, you’re learning how to move and use Kettlebells for transforming your health. Each day up to Day 6 you learn a new refinement. But please note: You are using Kettlebells at your own risk and by using this training, you take all responsibility for any injury.

WARM UP: The Ultimate Introduction

Welcome to the Quest. Before starting on your kettlebell journey, there are some key fundamentals for you to master so you can start right away.

PART 1: Joint Mobility Routine

Before picking up the kettlebell, you need to warm up. In this lesson, Steve will teach you a Joint Mobility Routine that will relieve tension around your joints, improve personal mobility, and reduce pain.

PART 2: The Swing & The Squat

Steve will teach you two fundamental kettlebell exercises. These exercises will show you how to apply momentum and your whole-body leverage for simple everyday tasks.

PART 3: The One Hand Swing & Kettlebell Clean

You will learn to swing your kettlebell with one hand at a time and clean the kettlebell, which builds on the momentum of the swing exercise you learned before.

PART 4: Overhead Kettlebell Press

In this lesson, you will learn how to bring the kettlebell overhead with various press movements. This exercise will help you develop upper body muscles and improve your posture.

PART 5: The Clean Press & The Snatch

Discover two movements that are the comprehensive combinations of all the previous movements that you learned in the previous lessons. Get ready for a total body workout!

PART 6: The Ultimate Kettlebell Workout

It’s the final day of your mini Quest. Throughout this Quest you learned the most important kettlebell exercises and on this day we will put them all in practice. Join Steve for the ultimate kettlebell workout.

Your Trainer: Steve Cotter

Steve Cotter is the world’s leading authority in kettlebell training. He is a global pioneer in kettlebell training education, having personally instructed thousands of fitness professionals around the world.

He is the founder and director of the International Kettlebell and Fitness Federation (IKFF) and is on the Men’s Health Magazine ‘The 100 Fittest Men of All Time’ list.

He has lectured and presented in fitness-industry conferences on nearly every continent and has educated kettlebell trainers in over 60 countries world-wide. He is also an early adopter of mind-body exercise protocols, with over 30 years of experience teaching and practicing martial arts, strength and conditioning and yoga.

Featured Presenter for Fitness Industry Conferences: IDEA World, AFC, NSCA, CPTN, ECA, IPEX, Perform Better Summit, Body Power Expo, Nike China, FIBO China.

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