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Filmmaking From Home: Turn Found Footage into a Compelling Video

Filmmaking From Home: Turn Found Footage into a Compelling Video

Filmmaking From Home: Turn Found Footage into a Compelling Video

About This Class

With access to the vast world of online video, every creative person has the tools to be a filmmaker—no camera or crew required!

Why make new images when so many already exist? Join award-winning nonfiction filmmaker Penny Lane to discover a fun and freeing approach to making movies: working with found footage. Penny never really liked operating a camera, so instead she developed a unique approach to storytelling that transforms existing content—from historical archives to YouTube videos—into innovative and irreverent films.

Now, she’s sharing what she’s learned so you can do the same. From sourcing to editing, Penny guides you through best practices, tips, and techniques to craft original stories using entirely existing footage.

Each lesson explores a different aspect of found footage filmmaking, including how to:

  • Unlock your creativity by working within constraints
  • Discover untold stories all around you, from newsreels to reality TV
  • Make familiar footage your own while respecting the original context
  • Edit using simple steps in Adobe Premiere, or your program of choice

Plus, you’ll join Penny in the studio to work through a hands-on exercise—assembling a short film out of found clips—with plenty of creative problem solving and laughter along the way.

Whether you’re a movie buff looking for a fun weekend project or an experienced filmmaker curious about a fresh format, Penny’s approach will open up a whole new way to express your creativity. Sharpen your storytelling, expand your editing skills, and make any video you can imagine—like the world of found footage, the possibilities are endless!

Lessons in Filmmaking From Home:
12 Lessons (48m)

  1. Introduction
  2. The Power of Found Footage
  3. Understanding Your Footage
  4. Safely Sourcing Your Footage
  5. Developing Your Story
  6. Exercise: Pick Three Words
  7. Editing Styles
  8. Choosing Your Clips
  9. Starting Your Edit
  10. Refining Your Video
  11. Final Thoughts
  12. Bonus: Watch Penny’s Video

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