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Animation Training – ArchVizArtist

Animation Training – ArchVizArtist

Animation Training – ArchVizArtist

Animation Training is The best online video course for 3DS MAX, Corona & V-Ray Renderer, Adobe Premiere Pro & After Effects.

What will you learn in Animation Training?

#1 Theory & Principles
You’ll learn the animation process in 3ds max from start to finish. After you complete this course you will have all the necessary knowledge. We will cover 100% and we’ll NOT keep anything in secret. After learning theory and principles of animations, we will show you how to recreate our animation from start to finish. We will explain the whole setup and setting, additionally you’ll be able to download all the 25 scene files. We’ll cover both V-Ray and Corona renderers so you don’t have to choose the version.

#2 Camera Setup & Movement
In our opinion camera movement is the most important thing (along with the lighting) in animations. We used our experience with real world videography and translated it into 3d animations. We will start by teaching you the principles of camera settings and movements. Then we will cover it all in practice. This is NOT a typical course where you learn long and boring walkthrough animations. We’ll teach you the best camera movements and tricks used by the best movie makers and videographers.

#3 Light Animation
In animation lighting setup is exactly the same as in the still visualizations. Sometimes you want to animate the lighting though. We will show you how to make all the lighting animation you’ll ever need. Additionally we will teach you 3 ways to create time lapse animations. We will cover sun animation and spherical HDRI animated skys. Sometimes you don’t have a luxury of using an animated HDRI though, so we will show you how to create a beautiful animation with just a JPG flat sequence (Like in the last balcony shot for our animation).

#4 Editing, Postproduction & SFX
Producing everything in 3d and rendering individual sequences is just a first step in creating an outstanding animation. It’s like when you do a short movie from your holiday. You record everything while you are there, but then you have to spend a long time making a movie out of it. We’ll show you the whole process from the basics of video editing, through setting up your animation to match the music, postproduction and color correction and finally adding SFX and exporting the final animation. We’ll teach you Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects.

#5 Business Skills
We also included a block with business lessons. You’ll learn how to properly quote an animation. Then we will show you how to manage your client before, during and after the project so there are no surprises and everything is going according to a timeline.

#6 Aerial Animations
During the training we will show you how to shot an aerial animation too, the principles are similar. We have experience flying drones in real life, we translated this knowledge into 3d world and we’ll show you the best practices in this type of animation.

#7 Object Animations
Animated objects will add a life to your animations. Good use of animated objects will take your animation to the next level. Using this knowledge you’ll be able to animate any object in the future. We will teach you additional scripts and plugins as well.

#8 Tree & Plant Animations
Exterior animations will not look so great if vegetation is not moving. In real life trees and plants are moving constantly due to the wind force. Using the GrowFX plugin by Exlevel we will show you how to add a wind animation to any plant or tree.

#9 Cloth Animations
Curtains blowing in the wind will be a great addition to your interior animations. The more animated objects the more interesting your animation will be. We’ll show you how to animate cloth like objects using Marvelous Designer Software.

#10 Water Animation
We’ll teach you a water simulation basics using Phoenix FD plugin by Chaos Group. This will be perfect for bathroom animations, but you can use in many more situations. To increase realism we’ll also show you how to add fog in postproduction.

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