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Visualization For Health – Jon Gabriel

Visualization For Health – Jon Gabriel

Visualization For Health – Jon Gabriel

Jon is no stranger to transformation. His own remarkable journey to wellness saw him lose 226 pounds in two and a half years, as his weight plummeted from 409 pounds to 183 pounds, without resorting to surgery or dieting.

His wholesome approach has received so much attention that “The Gabriel Method” was born. Now, finally, we are so excited to bring you this complimentary, exclusive edition of The Jon Gabriel Visualizations Series.

Jon describes this program as the missing link in the wellness and diet industry; and that the key to truly changing your body, losing weight, healing yourself, and living a life full of abundance, all comes together when you manifest change in your mind. In this series, Jon explores the meditative art of self-talk, how visualization works, and how it can be incorporated into daily practice.


  • Introduction to Visualization
  • Visualize Weight Loss
  • Visualize Healing
  • Visualize Abundance
  • Visualize Your Ideal Body
  • Gratitude Visualization for Weight Loss
  • Connecting with Your Higher Self Visualization
  • Forgiveness Visualization for Weight Loss
  • Abundant Life Visualization for Weight Loss
  • Living Warrior Visualization
  • Living Goddess Visualization

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