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Z-Health – Vision Gym + Bonuses

Z-Health – Vision Gym + Bonuses

Z-Health – Vision Gym + Bonuses

The Vision Gym is the first set of exercises that are engineered to reset your visual eye’s aging, and deliver exceptional performance improvements. These exercises are from a company called Z-Health and have been used with professional athletes from the MLB, NFL, NBA, and many sports.

The natural changes to the eyes related to aging can be helped in a variety of ways, and you should have regular eye checkups. The exercises in this program are working with neuro-based performance systems. That means the training is working with your own nervous system to help your brain and your body at once.

When you recalibrate your vision… You start to remove chronic pain, prevent injuries and feel more energy in your life almost immediately. The best part is that you can do these exercises at home in 10-20 minutes.

You don’t need any special gym equipment. In fact, these exercises are simple and easy to perform anywhere. In as little as four to eight weeks you’ll start to see results and may find that you’re moving faster, reacting more quickly, and seeing better as your chronic pain begins to fade away!

Here is what you’ll discover in this training course:

  • How to “warm-up” your eyes for vision training using three fingertips
  • A blinking routine that “jolts” and resets your vision system
  • Eye Isometrics, Circles & Spirals – training that improves visual accuracy

But that’s not all…

We’ll also cover our unique verions of eye exercises like Pencil Push-Ups, Near-Far drills, the Big “H”, Convergence, Divergence and the Peripheral Awareness Walk.

Altogether, you’ll get a full exercise routine you can do in just 10-20 minutes day. And in as little as four to eight weeks – you’ll start to see results. You may find you’re moving faster, you react more quickly and you see better. You may find chronic pain fading away.

But wait, there’s more –

The Vision Gym includes three standardized eye charts to help you track your progress. As you train your eyes to see better, further and faster… You will also start to notice your vision improving in a measurable way!

In fact – while it’s not usual, some Z-Health clients have reported not needing their glasses after several weeks of The Vision Gym!

Bonus Videos

    Using Your Eyes for Better Strength
    Can you build muscle strength with eye exercises? Yes, you can! Most people don’t realize that you have “eye muscle reflexes” that can make you stronger or weaker. In this video training, we cover the four basic “eye muscle reflexes” and show you how to improve your strength and flexibility in the gym.
    Visual Drill for Improved Flexibility and Decreased Pain
    Because of the “eye muscle reflexes” mentioned above, eye muscle function can have a profound effect on flexibility and pain for some people. In this video, we show you a very simple test and drill series that anyone can perform. It will help you gain better range of motion and potentially decrease chronic pain!
    High Performance vs. Rehab
    How do you know which eye vision training to do to increase strength or decrease pain? In this very special “behind-the-scenes” video, we show you how each protocol in The Vision Gym was developed, why it works and the underlying mechanics of them. Then, we show you which eye vision training is best for whatever goals you have.
    The Next Step – Introducing the Balance Gym
    In this video, we will explain the unique and intricate connection between the eyes and your inner ear (your balance system) very simply. Then, we will give you an extensive preview of drills from the Balance Gym.

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