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Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1

Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners: 9 Courses in 1

Become pro photographer – Understand camera gear, lighting + composition, portrait, stock photography sell photo online

What you’ll learn in Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners

  • You will know how to shoot amazing photos and will make your friends and family wow!
  • You will know how to earn money through photography
  • You will know when to shoot photos in natural lighting, how to utilize at best
  • You will know how to compose better photo shots
  • You will know how every things works inside DSLR with learn by example approach
  • You will learn how to take portratit shots, landscape shots, black and white photo shots, macro shots

Requirements of Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners

  • No prior expertise on photography not needed.

Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners Description

1. This course explains and helps to learn tricky and hard DSLR concepts pretty easy way. For example,

  • How DSLR image taking process works, through easy animation
  • How view finder works, through easy animation
  • Why you should shoot in RAW Format ??
  • What is ISO?
  • What is Aperture?
  • Understanding Shutter Speed with Cool Explanation.
  • Cheat Sheet # Shutter speed and it’s use cases.
  • Chart # Sensor Size of Various Camera
  • Deep understanding of APS-C
  • Chart # Creative Mode Dial
  • Chart # Parts of DSLR (Nikon View)
  • Chart # Part of DSLR (Canon View)

2. You will master in lighting (Both natural and studio light)

  • Why lighting important in Photography?
  • Understanding natural light
  • Problems to shoot a photo in Mid-Day
  • Photography at Blue Hour
  • Photography at Golden Hour
  • You will understand direction light, how to compose light better to take a better shoot
  • 9 important points of photography
  • Reflector to shoot amazing photos
  • Cheat Sheet # Reflector
  • Diffuser to get rid of harsh light and harsh shadows

3. Shoot Cool Macro Photos

  • What is Macro Photography
  • Benefits of Macro Photography
  • Live view to get sharp AND crispy images
  • Larger depth of field to get more detail
  • Use the focusing rail to save time and perfect the focus
  • Use Manual focus, instead of auto focus
  • Diffuser / Umbrella for better macro shots
  • Wind: Killer of Macro Photos
  • Macro Targeted Flash
  • Better tripod to get rid of the blurriness
  • Higher ISO; Reason for Noisy and Grainy Photo

4. Black and white photography

  • Why black and white photography
  • Power of black and white photography
  • Black and White Photography vs. Color Photography
  • Cool tips and Tricks for black and white photography
  • Create a vintage looking shot with Photoshop
  • Create Black and White with Warm Tone
  • High-Key Black & White Portrait Effect in Photoshop
  • Creating Black & White Effect using Hue/Saturation Tool in Photoshop

5. Mastering composition in Photography – Compose Cool Photos

  • You will learn what components make a picture great
  • Why composition in Photography?
  • What makes a picture great?
  • Placement of subject technique
  • Separation of subject technique
  • Balance of elements technique
  • Linear perspective
  • Height perspective
  • Overlap perspective
  • Aerial perspective
  • Fill the frame technique
  • Pattern technique
  • Leading lines technique
  • Rule of thirds technique
  • Golden ration technique

6. Here, in this course, you will learn how to make money in stock photography through step by step guideline

  • You will learn the success theory of stock photography
  • You will learn how to analyze the stock photography market
  • How to earn from multiple stock photography sites
  • How to increase image acceptance ratio
  • What components makes create a better photo for the selling perspective

7. Portrait Photography

  • What is Portrait Photography?
  • Key concepts of a portrait photography.
  • Indoor # portrait photography setup
  • Analysis of bad portrait shots, how to over come those?
  • Common mistakes in portrait photography
  • Cheat Sheet # Portrait Lighting

8. Deep analysis on Lenses

  • Chart # Know your lense
  • DSLR Lens analysis
  • Special purpose lens
  • Benefits of a prime lens
  • Lens market share
  • Nikon lens terms
  • Canon lens terms

9. Filters & Stabilization

  • Types of filters and which one do you need
  • Polarization filter: when you need
  • Example photo shoot with Polarization filter
  • Neural density filter: when you need
  • Example photo shoot with Neural density (ND) filter
  • When you should use a Tripod?
  • If you don’t have, then what to do?

10. Long exposure photography

  • Introduction to Long exposure photography
  • ND filter guide for long exposure shots
  • What equipment needed for long exposure shots
  • Analysis of several long exposure shots
  • Tips for better long exposure shots

11. Photo Editing in Photoshop

  • Create a vintage-looking image in Photoshop
  • Crete Black and White Photo with Warm Tone in Photoshop
  • High-Key Black & White Portrait Effect in Photoshop
  • Creating Black & White effect using Hue/Saturation in Photoshop
  • Create amazing color pop in Photoshop
  • Cool sharpening in Photoshop
  • How to create an amazing matte effect in Photoshop
  • Add reflections to sunglasses with Photoshop
  • How to create HDR effect in Photoshop

Who Practical Photography for Absolute Beginners is for

  • Who wants to take better photos
  • Who wants to make money through photography

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