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Denis Waitley – Psychology of Winning

Denis Waitley – Psychology of Winning

Denis Waitley – Psychology of Winning

Based on science. Proven by results. The New Psychology of Winning

How to make winning your newest habit so you start experiencing success in your career and your life without conscious effort.

The New Psychology Of Winning: Unleashing The Champion Within

A New 82 Day Program Designed To Help You Master Medal Winning Mindsets, Talk Yourself UP To Success And Train Your Brain To Win

Join Legendary High Performance Coach Denis Waitley for this incredible adventure so you can absorb the $100 million dollar insights he’s shared with over 2 million people and counting…

Just imagine how much more effective you will be when you discover:

  • Two “polar opposite” emotions that yank on our motivation strings… and exactly which one to pull tight quickly hit your income and personal growth targets.
  • How to attract conscious superstars to your business… so you have a tribe of “A” players who know how to bring your vision to life in record time.
  • What a US Navy flight training exercise can teach us about trusting our hunches and you can make decisions with precision every time an opportunity comes your way.
  • The mind movies US Olympians like Michael Phelps play to rehearse for game day and how to “pre-create” your own scenes… so you too can win before you begin and relax into achieving all the success you desire.
  • The internal Goal Positioning System (GPS) you can use to quickly pivot when conditions change… so you always move in the direction of your biggest opportunities.
  • This is the same “virtual reality” exercise NASA astronauts used to get the Apollo spacecraft to the moon and back… and it’s now available to you on Mindvalley for the first time.
  • How to override disempowering thoughts stored in your subconscious through mental rehearsal that never ever feels repetitive… so you follow through with speed and efficiency on every commitment you make.
  • Get instant stress relief with this tiny “tweak” to the way you start your day… so your productivity and energy levels soar and you get more done.
  • How replace 350,000 hours of negative conditioning with a 2 minute free-flowing affirmation that works ten times better than therapy and instantly puts you into a state of bliss whenever you need it.

Every day of this 12 week journey you’ll learn new how to become the ultimate self-starter and a sought after winner and finisher who tackles every project with energy, integrity and vision.

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